Concrete Scanning Technology Locates East Texas Time Capsule

Learn about how an 86-year-old time capsule was successfully located in Mineola, Texas, thanks to ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology employed by Vosburg Welsh.

86-Year-Old Time Capsule Found Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Thanks to the effort of local historians and concrete scanning technology, an 86-year-old time capsule had been located and retrieved in the town of Mineola, Texas. Vosburg Welsh works primarily on construction projects, but occasionally we get the opportunity to use our non-invasive concrete and ground scanning technology to locate items other than utilities and voids.

Located Capsule is Marked with Chalk by Vosburg Welsh

Originally, the town of Mineola contacted Vosburg Welsh requesting that we use X-ray technology to help locate a time capsule they were searching for. However, Vosburg Welsh recommended a more sophisticated approach, ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning, given its ability to efficiently provide non-invasive subsurface imaging and increased precision in target detection. The GPR scanning process uses electromagnetic waves to penetrate subsurface layers, generating detailed images that reveal anomalies or features beneath the surface.

The investigation took one day and involved examining areas of interest, based on information provided by local historians. The GPR equipment detected the capsule's presence and its exact location within a wall. Detection of the time capsule was confirmed, and its outline was marked using chalk, allowing retrieval teams to precisely locate it on a later date. Depth estimation of the capsule was provided, further facilitating its recovery. The time capsule, upon retrieval, was identified as a soldered lead box and the contents were in good condition. The Marketing and Tourism Director of Mineola, Owen Tiner, plans to permanently display these artifacts once they are humidified. Additionally, the town of Mineola has plans to bury a new time capsule for future generations to find.

Artifacts Retrieved From the Capsule

Through this project, Vosburg Welsh was able to show the efficacy of GPR scanning in revealing buried artifacts, highlighting the potential for technology to unearth and preserve historical treasures. While we've used GPR scanning in the past to locate time capsules underground, this project was unique as we investigated a concrete foundation for the capsule. The use of GPR scanning by Vosburg Welsh in unique ways extends beyond this project. In the past, we have successfully used this technology for varied purposes, including grave locating and clearance, as well as participation in projects for locating pioneer cemeteries and even collaborating with NASA.

This project and other similar projects are important to Vosburg Welsh as they allow us to serve our community and assist in preserving our history. As a business owned by proud Texans, we do not just operate within the community but are an integral part of it. We feel that it is our duty to contribute positively to our great state. By doing so, we're not only making the local area stronger but also proving that local businesses like ours are important contributors to what makes Texas special.

Learn more about the Mineola time capsule here.

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