Ground Penetrating Radar Services

We use non-invasive GPR scanning technology to detect and map obstacles underground on your construction site.

How it Works

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-invasive technology that transmits and receives electromagnetic waves to detect both metal and non-metal objects beneath the surface. Our experienced technicians interpret the resulting data to provide horizontal and depth locations for underground targets, giving you all the structural information you need prior to construction. Our GPR technology scans a wide variety of surfaces including: soil, rock, concrete, asphalt, ice, wood and water.

"They are very professional and very knowledgeable about the equipment. They are always on time or early and worked to get the job done."
Kevin Owens
Operations Manager at Innovative Trenching Solutions

How can our GPR technicians help on your construction project?

Underground Utility Locating

Traditional utility locating equipment is limited to conductive materials (e.g. metal). GPR is capable of locating virtually any object beneath the surface, conductive or non-conductive. Our professional technicians use GPR technology to locate clay pipe, plastic/PVC pipe, concrete pipe, metal pipe, telecommunications lines, fiber optic cable, underground storage tanks, missing valves, paved-over manholes, storm drains and more. We help you understand the material, location and status of underground utilities so you can avoid them.

Structural Analysis For Renovations

Our GPR technology can help you analyze existing infrastructure for commercial or residential renovation projects. This includes, but is not limited to, identification of reinforcing cables, cracks, slab/wall thickness, asphalt layer thickness and void detection. We eliminate the unknowns of working with existing infrastructure.

Road & Bridge Deck Analysis

Our GPR technicians can analyze corrosion of metal reinforcement within concrete structures on your projects. This is done by detecting signal attenuation caused by corrosion by-products. We show you where to focus your time on road and bridge repair projects.

Road Pavement Forensics

Our GPR professionals help companies conduct roadway investigations prior to paving operations. Our technology can easily detect paved-over manholes, valves and access points to avoid the risk of a strike during construction. We get road and heavy highway projects started safely.

Other GPR Services

Our GPR technology also has less traditional applications outside of engineering and construction projects, including:

Law Enforcement: Buried contraband and human remains location. 
Geotechnical: Locate soil density changes, previous fill locations, buried debris and voids. 
Environmental: Locate plumes of contaminants, particularly within water, determine limits of particular sediments and landfill limits. 
Grave Location: Locate unmarked graves or confirm the precise location of marked graves.
Archaeology: Analyze soil inconsistencies and buried objects, assist in targeting dig sites.

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Punctual and Professional Technicians

Our technicians are fully certified with over 20 years of field experience. We have a reputation for prioritizing safety and showing up on time, every time.

Deliverables That Transfer to The Field

Not only do we locate utilities and obstacles, we provide detailed maps and CAD files that your team can immediately use in the field.

Our Goal Is Zero Project Downtime

We work until we’re 100% sure that we’ve done everything we can do to keep your team safe and that we don’t interrupt your project timeline to get it done.