Concrete Scanning Services

We assess and confirm the integrity of concrete structures before you start building with them.

How it Works

Prior to cutting or coring concrete, it’s critical to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the structure. Our technicians use the latest concrete scanning technology to locate and map objects embedded in concrete that may present a hazard to your project.

"Their technician was incredible. Really nice guy, generous with his time and the information he shared. He was on time and knowledgeable."
Lanny Smith
Owner at Arrival 3D

How can we help assess concrete structures for your project?

Rebar, Post Tension Cable & Embedded Conduit Detection

We apply specialized GPR antennas to your concrete structures to analyze the size and depth of rebar, post tension cable or other embedded conduits within a concrete slab. Arming your team with this information prior to coring and drilling operations, we prevent damage to any critical embedded targets.

Concrete Thickness Analysis

Determining the thickness of an existing concrete slab can be difficult, particularly when your slab is only accessible on one side. Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology scans through concrete and detects the back of slab. Our technicians calculate a precise thickness of concrete slab for your team before you build.

Void Detetction & Structural Analysis

Our GPR technology is particularly effective at detecting the contrast between concrete structures and any voids that develop within them. Through an analysis of the concrete scanning data, our technicians are able to quickly determine potential void locations and approximate sizes. We provide a full report on the structural integrity of your concrete.

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Our Results Set Us Apart

Punctual and Professional Technicians

Our technicians are fully certified with over 20 years of field experience. We have a reputation for prioritizing safety and showing up on time, every time.

Deliverables That Transfer to The Field

Not only do we locate utilities and obstacles, we provide detailed maps and CAD files that your team can immediately use in the field.

Our Goal Is Zero Project Downtime

We work until we’re 100% sure that we’ve done everything we can do to keep your team safe and that we don’t interrupt your project timeline to get it done.