Utility Locating Services

From records research to on-site utility location, we provide comprehensive services to analyze and map the private utilities on your construction site.

How it Works

If you have a construction project of any kind that requires digging, you’ll need to know exactly what’s underground. Your first step should always be to call 811 to understand what you're dealing with on Public property. If your utilities are located on Private property, you'll need a private utility locating company like Vosburg Welsh. We locate private utilities, determine the owners, and produce a full report to help you dig safely. Our deliverables fit the needs of our clients. Whether you desire a simple utility map or a comprehensive CAD file to import into field software - we get the job done.

"The technician had that drive to figure out the issue. So many people merely go to work and come home for the paycheck. You can tell they really care about their work and are big on developing future relationships."
Grant Hagar
Superintendent at Joeris Construction

How can we help with private utility locating on your project?

Utility Records Research

Prior to any utility location efforts, it’s critical to obtain and review any available utility records. Our research services include communication with utility owners to get records, right-of-way and property identification, requesting as-built records and more. We get the information necessary to provide you with a profile existing underground facilities.

Utility Mapping & Surveying

With our GPR scanning technology, our experienced technicians find and identify the utilities underground. Our technicians then deliver that utility location data in the best format for each customer - whether that’s a simple 2D GIS map or full MicroStation and AutoCad design files. We combine data, experience and the latest technology to deliver the most actionable utility map for your project.

Hydro & Air Excavation

If your project requires physical, visual location of utilities, we employ water or air excavation equipment to get the job done. This minimally invasive method provides you the exact location of underground obstacles. With this method, we help you significantly reduce the risk of damage to existing facilities.

Electromagnetic Field Detection

In addition to ground penetrating radar technology, our technicians employ electromagnetic field detection equipment to discover locations of known and unknown underground obstacles. EM detection technology is primarily used to locate utilities that are made of a conductive material (i.e. cast iron, copper, etc). We use all technology necessary to get a comprehensive view of underground obstacles so that your team feels safe to dig.

Utility Coordination

We provide a variety of consulting services that can be customized based on clients’ unique project needs and can include: property/easement analysis, utility adjustment cost estimation, recommendations on adherence to state and local requirements, recommended adjustments of existing utility facilities, and more. We work with clients to provide the reports they need to make property and business decisions.

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Our Results Set Us Apart

Punctual and Professional Technicians

Our technicians are fully certified with over 20 years of field experience. We have a reputation for prioritizing safety and showing up on time, every time.

Deliverables That Transfer to The Field

Not only do we locate utilities and obstacles, we provide detailed maps and CAD files that your team can immediately use in the field.

Our Goal Is Zero Project Downtime

We work until we’re 100% sure that we’ve done everything we can do to keep your team safe and that we don’t interrupt your project timeline to get it done.