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Austin Electric Substation

Austin, TX
Level B Investigation and Mapping
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Level B Subsurface Utility Investigation and mapping of large electric substations that service the City of Austin, in preparation for renovation. Helped the contractor avoid the high risk of a utility strike due to inaccurate and lacking records.

Project Description

A large national utility contractor was preparing for renovation activities at several large electric substations that service the City of Austin, Texas. Existing records for many of these facilities is not available or inaccurate, significantly increasing the risk of a utility strike during construction activities. Due to the importance of these facilities, a utility strike would create significant problems for the contractor and surrounding community. Vosburg Welsh utilized ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic field detection equipment to locate and map the underground utility system within the substation. We incorporated our field data with the client’s existing design records to create an accurate map of the existing infrastructure at these locations. Our client used these maps to conduct test-holes and avoid damaging the critical infrastructure below as they excavated during construction.

Equipment & Technology Used

Ground Penetrating Radar

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