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Dallas Independent School District

Dallas, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar
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Vosburg Welsh conducted a thorough subsurface utility investigation, utilizing ground-penetrating radar and specialized magnetometer equipment, to identify and map over 10,000 LF of existing utilities for proposed additions to the middle school.

Project Description

Client was preparing for design and installation of several proposed additions to the existing middle school. Vosburg Welsh conducted a comprehensive subsurface utility investigation (to include ground penetrating radar) to identify and map over 10,000 LF of existing utilities. During the investigation, an unexpected geothermal water distribution system was identified. As a result, Vosburg Welsh brought in specialized magnetometer equipment to identify and map the existing geothermal well system. This investigation permitted the project design teams to move several proposed work areas, and provided the construction crews with an accurate depiction of the as-built utility system for the duration of the project.

Equipment & Technology Used

Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic Field Detection Equipment, Magnetometer, Specialized metal detector

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