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McNeil High School

Austin, TX
Joeris General Contractors
Utility Locating / Utility Mapping / Void Detection
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We located all utilities (over 20,000 LF) servicing the high school’s buildings and identified voids in three locations proposed for new construction.

Project Description

McNeil High School is preparing to construct three new building additions. To build safely, Vosburg Welsh was hired to locate and map all utilities servicing their facilities. This allowed the school to obtain an accurate picture of any subsurface obstacles to minimize the risk of utility strikes during new construction. Due to known karst formations (topography caused by the deterioration of soluble rocks) in this area, a survey was also necessary to detect any potential voids that would pose a risk to the structural integrity of new buildings. As a result, Vosburg Welsh technicians conducted an Electrical Resistivity Imaging (or Electrical Resistivity Tomography) survey to detect and map voids in the three sites proposed for new construction.

Equipment & Technology Used

Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic (EM) Field Detection, Frequency Sonde and Rodder, Electrical Resistivity Survey Equipment

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