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Gas Storage Facility

Denton, TX
Arrival 3D
Utility Locating / Ground Penetrating Radar / EM Detection
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Our technicians located over 5,000 LF of underground gas and waste product pipelines.

Project Description

Our partner, Arrival 3D, was hired to conduct a laser scan and provide 3-dimensional CAD models for a major energy resource company’s gas storage facility. Due to the volume of underground pipeline in very close proximity to one another, locating the target lines was a highly technical task requiring skilled locators. Arrival 3D hired Vosburg Welsh to locate and map over 5,000 LF of underground utility pipelines with a combination of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and EM Detection equipment. The pipeline sizes ranged from 2” in diameter to over 12” in diameter. Vosburg Welsh collected and compiled horizontal and depth data for Arrival 3D to incorporate into a comprehensive 3D model for future use by the facility maintenance and construction personnel.

Equipment & Technology Used

Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic (EM) Detection

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