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VA Medical Complex

Dallas, TX
CMB Commercial Construction
Utility Locating / Ground Penetrating Radar / EM Locator
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Located approximately 3,500 LF of existing utilities servicing three multi-story buildings being prepared for renovation.

Project Description

CMB Commercial Construction is preparing to renovate a series of buildings located within the VA Medical Complex in Dallas, TX. One of their primary tasks is installation of a new storm drain network for the buildings, requiring a significant amount of excavation. As a result, the existing utilities servicing these buildings are at risk. Complicating the project was the absence of any existing records data on the presence of utilities. Owned and operated by veterans, Vosburg Welsh was excited to be selected for this project. Vosburg Welsh technicians conducted a comprehensive investigation to locate all water, wastewater, storm, fiber, electric, steam and gas lines servicing the buildings. Identified lines were marked on the ground and included within the official survey data for the project so that CMP Commercial could break ground with a comprehensive understanding of subsurface obstacles.

Equipment & Technology Used

Ground Penetrating Radar, EM Locator, Frequency Rodder and Sonde

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